Go to the registration tab at the top right of the homepage, fill out all the required details.

Your account will then need to be scrutinised by our admin team for security reasons, once approved you are ready to go.

By using this site you are selling your property privately, hence saving yourself huge commission costs by eliminating a middle person, for example, a home selling for $550k comes with a commission cost of approximately $22k*. Thats a very nice holiday, car or boat for you or your family.

Selling privately is a lot easier than most people think. All you need is a legal team to complete the legalities on your behalf.

All negotiations are done privately between the buyer and the seller by using our free platform. So no awkward face to face negotiations in relation to the price. 

This process is no different to buying or selling a car for example. Two parties agree on a price and the legalities follow.

Most properties will sell themselves if they are priced correctly. Plus only an owner will ever know all the answers regarding a property.

It's far simpler and easier than most people think to sell a property privately.


* This is a guide only.

So a $550k sale price should save you around $22k*

That's a huge amount of money for most of us.

Commissions vary, from the likes of 4% for the first $300k and 2.5% thereafter,  and then marketing and administration costs, plus GST.

Some Commissions are 2.95% then admin and marketing costs plus GST. 

Ask yourself how long does it take you to save $22k.

It's definitely worth trying.

The more owners and buyers that use this site, the easier it will become for other people to save money as well.

So tell your friends and family, you could save them thousands of dollars.

*This is a guide only.

Most people include conditions of some sort to protect themselves.

This is where your legal team will advise you during the negotiation stage, they will assist you throughout the entire buying or selling process. So if you have any questions whatsoever always refer back to them. 

Nothing is binding until you sign a Sale and Purchase agreement with your lawyer.

Most individual circumstances differ from person to person when purchasing or selling a property. 

Your chosen legal team is invaluable when something out of the ordinary becomes highlighted. They will guide you through the entire buying or selling process.

Always refer back to them if you are unsure.

Since you will be saving a large amount of money on commissions any extra time spent with your legal team should be well worthwhile.

Each country has it's own rules regarding buying and selling property, so it makes sense to use a legal team who are experts with your local property laws.

Open homes are dedicated times that an owner will open their home to potential buyers for viewing. Weekends are normally best for most parties.

The owner/s should always be present to answer any questions that arise as this is a very important stage of any property negotiations.

If an owner wants to hold open homes, they should mention this along with their properties details.

It is recommended that anyone visiting an open home take adequate ID for security reasons, plus owners should collect any prospective buyers details for future correspondence.

  1. The property should be presented in it's best possible state.
  2. A Clear yet Simple "For Sale" sign outside the property.
  3. "Open Home" sign/s outside your property as well as nearby intersections directing curious passersby to your Open Home .
  4. A regisration form for viewers and potential buyers, this is something simple that the owner could print out.
  5. Possibly have some refreshments available, tea and coffee for example.
  6. A welcoming smile.

Since you will be saving a HUGE amount of money on commissions it is very worth while to pay for the services of a registered valuer. This will give you a good indication of where your properties value sits in the market. Again, this cost is seperate to using this site.

This document can also be invaluable to potential buyers, as their lender may require one to meet any borrowing criteria. 

This is another legal cost that could be vital in aiding a purchaser who is buying a home. The more help you give the purchaser the better chance of a sale.


Registered valuations are a legal document given to you by a Registered Valuer that indicates where they see your properties value to be.

The Valuer will be registered by the Registered Valuation Board in the respective country where the valuation is required. 

Since this is a legal document, lenders may require this to aid in their lending decisions to purchasers. 

This is not a requirement of registration. If you feel it necessary, then please do. 

We will email you the final agreed negotiations to you, which you then pass onto your chosen legal team. They will finalise a Sale and Purchase agreement for you.

  • A Legal Team, for the transaction of a property, plus for any advice during negotiations. This is highly recommended.
  • A Registered Valuer, to see where your property sits in the market.
  • A Bank or Lending Institute, for all your lending and financial requirements.
  • A Builder, to repair or upgrade any part of the property before the sale.
  • A Plumber, to repair or maintain any blocked pipes or spouting for example.
  • An Electrician, to repair or maintain any lights, heating systems, kitchen facilities, extraction fans etc.
  • A "For Sale" sign or an "Open Home" sign.
  • Painters, for any maintenance that helps to enhance the presentation of your property.
  • Lawn and Garden maintenance people, to tidy up your property.
  • A Property Inspector, to give your property a check over. New buyers love these reports, and Legal Teams will probably ask for them as well.

Six Months from the date your property was posted.

And remember it's totally FREE to use this site!

We can arrange this on your behalf.

Proper "For Sale" Signage helps promote, as well as locate your property.

Use an "Open Home" Sign when having your Open Home, this not only locates your property, but it creates interest.


REMEMBER: How much you are saving on Commission, proper Professionally made Signage is extremely worthwhile.

"You can't sell a secret! The more people that know about your property, normally the better the result for you".

* There is a cost for having proper signs professionally made.  We highly recommend good clear professionally made signage, as it will help create more interest for your property.

The short answer is yes.

While the use of this website is free, all professional services that you engage will come at a cost, i.e. Lawyers, Accountants, Valuers, Sign Writers, Trades people etc.

All professional services are seperate to this website.

Our mission is purely to connect buyers and sellers, while removing any unpleasant face to face negotiations, hence making the whole process FREE and EASY for the user, and of course SAVING YOU THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. $$$$$$$$$$