You could save tens of thousands of dollars by selling a property yourself. That's a great overseas holiday, a new car or a new boat.

There doesn't have to be any awkward face to face negotiations.

Once someone shows interest in your property just do your negotiations via email, text, messenger, WhatsApp or the likes. Or ask your lawyer to negotiate on your behalf if you are uncomfortable with this aspect of the process.

It's no different to selling a car yourself. Negotiate a price, then your lawyer will complete the property transaction.

Your lawyer will guide you through the entire process.

It is always strongly recommended you use a registered lawyer for all property transactions.

So a $550,000.00 sale price should save you around $22,000.00*.

Ask yourself how long does it take you to save $22,000.00*.

Commissions vary, from the likes of 4% for the first $300k and 2.5% thereafter,  and then marketing and administration costs, all are GST exclusive*.

Other Commissions start at 1% right up to 3.75% flat rate, then administration and marketing costs, plus GST*. 

If you are in the $3.5m bracket at 3.75% commission for example, that equates to a whooping $161,000.00 including marketing, administration & GST*.

It is strongly recommended that you employ the services of a Lawyer for the entire process whether purchasing or selling a property.

*This is a guide only.

Most people include conditions of some sort to protect themselves.

This is where your Lawyer will advise you through the negotiation stage, they will assist you throughout the entire buying or selling process. So if you have any questions always refer back to them. 


Most individuals circumstances will differ when purchasing or selling a property. 

Your Lawyer will be invaluable when something out of the ordinary becomes highlighted. They will guide you through the entire buying or selling process.

Always refer back to them if you are unsure.


Each individual country has it's own rules regarding buying and selling property, so it makes sense to use a legal team who are experts with the local laws where the property is situated.

Open homes are dedicated times where an owner will open their home to potential buyers for viewing. Weekends are normally best for most parties.

The owner/s should always be present to answer any questions that arise as this can be a very important stage of any property negotiations.

Only the owner / occupier knows a property intimately.



  1. The property should be presented in it's best possible state.
  2. Have the Homerange "For Sale" sign outside the boundary in clear view for people to locate the property for sale.
  3. Purchase several "Open Home" sign/s for outside your property as well as nearby intersections directing the curious passersby to your Open Home .
  4. A registration form for viewers and potential buyers, but this is totally up to the seller.
  5. Possibly have some refreshments available, tea and coffee for example.
  6. A welcoming smile.

Eighteen (18) years of age minimum. 

It can be worth while investing in the services of a registered valuer.

This will give you a good indication of where your properties value sits in the market, but it is totally your choice, maybe ask your lawyer. 

This document can also be invaluable to potential buyers, as their lender may require one to meet any borrowing criteria, if you choose to pass it on. 



Registered valuations are a legal document provided by a Registered Valuer which indicates, in their professional opinion, where they see your properties value to be.

The Valuer will be registered by the Registered Valuation Board in the respective country where the valuation is required. 

Since this is a legal document, lenders may require this to aid in their lending decisions to purchasers. It is your choice whether you pass it on to a purchaser.

  • A Legal Team, for the transaction of a property, plus any advice during negotiations. This is highly recommended.
  • A Registered Valuer, to see where your property value sits in the market.
  • A bank, or mortgage broker for all your lending and financial requirements.
  • A Builder, to repair or tidy up any part of the structure / water tightness etc.
  • A Plumber, to repair or maintain any blocked pipes and leaks etc.
  • An Electrician, to repair or maintain any lighting, heating systems, kitchen facilities, extraction fans etc.
  • Painters, for any maintenance that helps to enhance the presentation of your property.
  • Lawn and Garden maintenance people, to tidy up your property.
  • A Property Inspection, to give your property a check over. Lawyers & Lenders could ask for them as well.
  • Landscapers / Digger operators, too tidy / reshape any outdoor areas.

Up to twelve (12) months from the date of registering the property for sale or by negotiation with


You will need to register for a login first (top right corner).

Then once you have completed the property registration under Sell Property, you automatically receive one For Sale sign, which will be couriered to the designated address.

You are able to purchase multiple For Sale, Open Home signs & Stakes once registration is complete, if you wish. The property may have more than one street frontage.

The more signs the more passersby may notice.



Yes, especially a Lawyer. They are essential in any property transaction.

All professional services you engage will come at a cost, i.e. Lawyers, Accountants, Valuers, Trades people etc.

Professional services are usually a fraction of the cost of paying a commission.



This is totally up to the seller.

Viewing by appointment is a personal one on one discussion.

Open homes are for multiple people to come through a property between given appointment times.

Open homes can be overwhelming if it is busy. This can be a very stressful option for some people.


Yes, if they choose, as long as they register as per normal.

They can opt out of receiving a "For Sale" sign, but the cost will remain the same.

If you correspond with a buyer or seller, make sure you include your lawyer during this process. Or you could have your lawyer negotiate on your behalf.

Do not do anything without consulting your lawyer.

Your Lawyer will organise the correct terminology & conditions to be included in a Sale & Purchase Agreement for your benefit & legal protection.

It is always strongly recommended a Registered Lawyer is engaged in the Sale or Purchase of any property at all times. 

Yes you can.

Tick the Opt out box when ordering a sign during the registration of the property.

Yes, you can register as many properties as you like.

You will have go through a new property registration process each time.

For developers with more than five properties for sale at once please email your enquiries to:

Always ask your lawyer if you have the legal right to sell a particular property. 

It is strongly recommended that a Registered Lawyer is engaged in the Sale or Purchase of any property at all times.


We have a Limited Time Offer of only $25.00 for our "For Sale" signs at present. Just Login & register your property as usual.

Go to the Register tab at the top right hand corner and follow the steps.

We do not & will not give advice with any property selling or buying process.

Your lawyer will provide answers to all questions you may have.

Always refer to your lawyer.

This is very simple, just communicate with your buyer / seller via email, texting, messenger, WhatsApp or the likes. 

This way there's no face to face awkwardness when money or conditions are discussed.

Some people find this stage very difficult.

Your lawyer could negotiate for you on your behalf if you choose.

Always include your lawyer during any negotiation stage.

Always consult your lawyer before signing any document in relation to buying or selling property.


Developers with more than five properties for sale at any one time will be able to negotiate with us.

We acknowledge they have different needs based on scale.

For enquiries please email us at: 

Yes they can. Talk to your lawyer about any queries you have. They will guide you through the entire process.

They are the most important profession during any property transaction.

This is more than likely due to supply or distribution issues that are outside of our control.

Please allow up to 20 working days for your sign to arrive.

Your For Sale sign will be delivered to the physical address of registration.



Never sign any documents or hand over any funds until your registered lawyer has given you their approval.


Always correspond with your registered lawyer first before signing any document or give money to anyone.