• Save money by selling your property directly, with ZERO commission fees. 
  • Benefit from cost-effective visibility and marketing resources. 
  • Connect with hundreds of potential New Zealand home buyers. 
  • Negotiate privately through email, text, or messenger, avoiding face-to-face interactions.

Estimated potential savings are based on individual properties and commission structures, with the average commission ranging from 3-4%. Depending on your property, you could save thousands. It is strongly recommended to engage the services of a registered lawyer for the entire process, whether purchasing or selling a property.

We highly recommend you include conditions to protect yourself during a private property sale. Your registered lawyer will guide you through the entire process, whether you are purchasing or selling a property, which includes negotiations.


Individual circumstances may differ, and your registered lawyer will guide you through unexpected situations.


Each individual country has its own rules regarding buying and selling property. We recommend utilising legal support familiar with the laws where the property is situated for an easy transaction.

Open homes provide dedicated viewing times for potential buyers. It is crucial for the owner(s) to be present, answering any questions buyers may have during the open house. This direct interaction is important in property negotiations, as the owner knows the property intimately, building trust throughout the private selling process.



  • Ensure the property is presented in its best possible state. 
  • Place the Homerange "For Sale" sign outside the property in clear view. 
  • Purchase "Open Home" signs for both your property and nearby intersections to attract potential buyers in the area. 
  • Consider a registration form for viewers and potential buyers, to allow follow-up interactions. 
  • Optionally, have refreshments available, such as tea and coffee, to create a welcoming atmosphere. 
  • Greet viewers with a warm welcome.

Eighteen (18) years of age minimum. 

We highly recommend investing in the services of a registered valuer. This will provide a good indication of where your property's value sits in the market. You may also seek advice from your lawyer. 



A registered valuation is a legal document provided by a registered valuer. It indicates the property's value based on a professional assessment. Lenders may require this document to inform their lending decisions, adding credibility to the property's assessed value.

Engaging the following professionals may enhance your private property sale: Registered Lawyer, Registered Valuer, Mortgage Broker, Property Inspector, Stager, Builder, Plumber or Electrician, Painters, Lawn Maintenance or Landscapers.

Up to 12 months from registration with Homerange.co.nz

We can arrange for a further term if required once the initial 12 months has finished.


  1. Register for a login 
  2. Complete property registration.
  3. A 'For Sale' sign will now be couriered to your designated address.
  4. Additional 'For Sale' & 'Open Home' signs are available upon request.



Yes, especially for essential services like lawyers, accountants, and registered valuers. Professional services are usually more cost-effective than paying a commission, and are highly recommended when selling your home privately.



This is completely up to the seller; based on the nature of your property and your personal preferences. Open homes showcase the property to multiple viewers at once, offering a chance for more potential buyers to see it. Viewing by appointment allows for one-on-one interactions, in-depth discussions and a more personalised sales experience.


Real Estate Agents are welcome.

They can opt out of receiving the 'For Sale' sign, but the cost to display a property remains the same.

We recommend you consult with your lawyer; involve them in all correspondence with both buyers and sellers to ensure legal clarity and protection throughout the negotiation process. Your lawyer will guide you on the correct terminology and conditions.

Yes, there's an opt-out option when registering your property.

Yes, you can register as many properties as you like.

You will have go through a new property registration process each time.

For developers with more than five properties for sale at once please email your enquiries to: admin@homerange.co.nz

We recommended you check with your lawyer to ensure legal rights to sell a particular property.


We currently have a limited time offer of NZD$230.00 to register a property. It is normally NZD$345.00


Go to the Register tab at the top right hand corner and follow the steps.

Homerange does not provide any advice; consult your registered lawyer for all property-related questions.

Buyers and sellers can communicate via email, text, messenger, or involve their registered lawyer in negotiations.


Developers with more than five properties can list and negotiate with Homerange.co.nz. Developers have different needs based on scale. 

For inquiries, please email us at: admin@homerange.co.nz


Yes, registered lawyers can negotiate on your behalf and provide guidance throughout the private selling process.

Please allow up to 20 working days for delivery, due to the supply & distribution chain.



Never sign any documents or hand over any funds without approval from your registered lawyer.


We recommend you correspond with your registered lawyer before signing any document or giving money.